Digital Takeover: A Nationwide Survey Of Cloud-Based Incursions Into Our Classrooms
Let's create space for parents, teachers, and students to speak to the realities of ed-tech in this brave new world of "personalized" learning.
Parents, teachers and students are invited to make a submission. Responses are not required, so log as many or as few answers as you like. Back-to-school night is a great time to start the discussion. If possible consider sharing the questions with the teacher in advance ( You can also print out the list of questions and take notes. If there's not enough time that night, consider making a follow up appointment with the teacher for a more in-depth conversation. We want to hear from teachers, too. Let us help you get the word out. We plan to feature selections from some of the narrative answers on We won't include your name, but will include identifying city and state. If there is information you prefer not to make public, please don't share it on this form.
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If you don't have time for the full survey. Please share your experience with ed-tech in the classroom here. We may post excerpts with city and state designation on the testimonials page of
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Are you already resisting? Tell us how.
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My child is in / I teach in / I am in
Our school has a device for each child (1:1 school).
Devices used in the classroom include
Do students generally use electronic devices every day?
Does your student have access to print text books?
Does the class use Google classroom?
Does your child's teacher employ social media to feature students and / or student work in public ways?
Is behavioral or social-emotional data collected on students using an online platform such as Class Dojo or Google's Classcraft?
Does the school use Naviance for student strengths assessments, transcript processing or other things? If yes, please describe how it is used below.
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Have there been recent changes made to your district's grading system? For example switching over to standards-based grading.
If the answer is yes, can you elaborate on the changes made?
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On an average day, how much time do students spend on an electronic device in your class?
Of the time students spend using electronic devices, what percent is spent doing original work like creative writing, research, preparing presentations, (i.e. creating)?
Of the time students spend using electronic devices, what percent involves using structured programs (Dreambox, Achieve 3000, iReady, etc.) / personalized learning management systems (i.e. consuming)?
What online learning programs are being used in the classroom? Do they require a unique log-in?
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What review process do these programs go through before they are adopted? Is there discussion of student data privacy protections?
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What provisions are in place to opt out of ed-tech? We'd very much appreciate hearing from parents who have opted out and what their experience was.
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If applicable, as a teacher can you speak to the ways technology use in the classroom today differs from technology use 5 years ago? If parent or student, paraphrase teacher response.
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In what ways does technology make the teacher's work easier or more challenging? If parent or student, paraphrase teacher response.
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Has use of educational software impacted human relationships in the classroom, either teacher to student or student to student? If parent or student, paraphrase teacher response.
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What percent of the teacher's annual professional development time is dedicated to the topics of educational technology, data, and assessment?
In closing, do you have thoughts about how you see the future of technology in the classroom? Do you feel the community has been included in these discussion? Do you feel that the things you value about public education are being enhanced or harmed by this transformation?
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