Home Internet Survey
Note: The results of this survey will be confidential. Comments will not be attributed to any specific respondent. The purpose of the survey is to gather citizen opinion on the importance of Internet service and to help White Pine County prioritize their efforts to attract faster and more reliable Internet service to all areas of the county.
1. Who is your current Internet provider? *
2. How much do you pay per month for your Internet service? (Select One) *
3. How satisfied are you with your current Internet provider? (Select One) *
3a. Provide your reasons for the satisfaction rating given in question 3.
4. Are you satisfied with your current advertised Internet speed? *
5. How many of each of the following devices in your home are online? (Indicate # for Each) *
Tablets/eReaders/MP3 Players (iPad, iPod, Kindle, Nook)
Cell or Smart Phones (iPhone, Android)
Video Streaming Devices (AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.)
Intelligent Personal Assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Home)
Smart TV, DVD players, Blu-ray players, Gaming consoles)
Smart Devices (Thermostats, Smoke Detectors, Security, etc.)
6. How frequently do you experience buffering/delays/interruptions while watching streaming video? (Select One)? *
7. Would you be interested faster (possibly gigabit) download and upload speeds at prices that are that are somewhat comparable to what you are paying now? (Select One)
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8.Would you be willing to pay more for the faster speeds outlined in question seven? (Select One)
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9. Which of the following methods would you support to pay for the County’s efforts to attract faster and more reliable internet service to all areas of the County?
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10. How would you utilize substantially faster Internet speeds to your home? (Select all that apply)
11. Would you be interested in participating in a beta test of a new service? *
12. Are you a recipient of the Universal Service Lifeline Subsidy which provides a $9.25 discount on your monthly phone and/or Internet bill to qualified individuals?
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13. Contact Information please include Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Email address
14. Is there anything else you feel the County should consider in order to prioritize their efforts to attract faster and more reliable broadband service to all areas of the county?
For questions please contact Wayne Cameron at the White Pine Chamber of Commerce - (775) 289-8877.
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