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What's an ARC Reader? ARC Stands for "Advanced Reader Copy", and an ARC Reader is someone who reads a book before its official release (like a beta reader). ARC Readers are so important because they help the author get reader input before releasing it to the public. And I need you!

The Divine Houses is a six-book series. Book one is already out with book two releasing this December. I am looking for ARC Readers who will stay for the entire six books (preferably).

All you have to do is read and review, and you will receive each book for free (and you will also receive the books earlier than everyone else)! ♥ I encourage ANYONE who is interested to fill out the form, even if you can only commit to one or two books.

Series Order & Tentative Timeline:

1. House of Pluto - Published
2. House of Neptune - December 2021
3. House of Saturn - Q1 2022
4. House of Mars - Q2 or Q3 2022
5. House of Earth - TBD (Probably Q4 2022)
6. House of Heaven - TBD (Probably 2023)

I'm aiming to have ARC Readers finish reading and reviewing no later than three days after each official release. Of course, this is somewhat flexible.☺

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What are the books about?
The series follows a girl named Robin who just wants life to be normal, but what's normal when you're only half human, your best friend is dead, and you can suddenly control the power of angels?

The series is New Adult, Modern Fantasy with a sub genre of Romance. I like to call it my love child crossover of Harry Potter x Sailor Moon. There is energy manipulation, magical realism, dimensional references, lots of angels, and lots of celestial themes. (It has very mild language and references to death, but I would not consider them graphic.)

Here's the blurb from book one:

"She stands accused of murdering angels. He'll do anything to make sure it stays that way."

Robin Marie Luxley is bad luck. But she doesn't want to be. She just wants to go through her teenage years like a normal girl: go to school, listen to music, and maybe find true love. Instead, she spends her time watching everyone around her die—as if death seems interested in her in particular. And she's gotten used to the dark. Bad things happen.

But when her aunt dies, things change. A stranger wearing black appears in the hospital room to warn her: she's not at all who she thought she was. And maybe she really isn't bad luck. Maybe someone is targeting her family instead.

Secrets unravel, and Robin must unlearn everything she thought she knew about being human in order to track down whoever has been killing her family, or she's next.

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