ICC 2015 PreConference Workshop: Sketching Out the *Big Problems*

Organized by:
ICA Commission on Cognitive Visualization
ICA Commission on Geovisualization
ICA Commission on Use and User Issues
ICA Commission on Map Design

Our workshop in Curitiba, preceding the 2015 ICC conference in Rio, will take the first steps towards producing a research agenda for geovisualization and interactive cartography that reflects current challenges and define how, as a group, we could tackle them.

As a first step in that process, we invite members of our four commissions to describe what they believe are the *big problems* in cartography that could benefit from cooperative work between our respective commissions.

We invite participation at this stage from all interested parties, whether you will be able to attend the pre-conference workshop or not. For planning the logistics of the workshop, however, please indicate if you are likely to attend.

Please submit your *big problem* ideas by 15 January 2015.

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