Rebuild by Atelier AHA
This survey is for people who've lost their home due to the Australian 2019-20 Summer Bushfires.

To help us organise the specific challenges of rebuilding a home for each affected household, in each of their unique sites. Please fill in your details to let us understand your exact situation and we shall be connecting with you soon, to organise for the task ahead.

PLEASE NOTE: Information collected here will be treated confidentially and shared only with the immediate team involved in this particular initiative. At the time of writing, this includes: Atelier AHA Architects

Please also note this initiative is NO LONGER affiliated with the Facebook group(s) and community member we were previously working with due to breakdowns in communication. As such we are no longer working with him, and highlight that any information regarding Atelier AHA's designs and strategy to Rebuild homes sooner, should be relied from our new group
or Page @AtelierAHAArchitects or our website directly.

Feel free to forward this directly to anyone else you believe could use the assistance we're aiming to provide here, as I feel our efforts and initiative since January may be further disconnected from the people wanting genuine assistance, due to the above drama and delays.

With sincerity and thanks, for your encouragement and support,

-Hiranga Goonawardena
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