Akiane - 'Found' painting
Akiane Kramarik made this painting at only 9 years old.

This is the description of the painting as written by Akiane herself:
I was inspired to paint all races, but finding black people where I live in Idaho was very difficult. After a lot of prayers, I finally met two African children whose story was so amazing that I wanted to paint it right away. There was a taboo in their small Madagascar tribe against saving orphans, so after their parents died, the two-year-old brother had to take care of his three-month-old sister for more than two months. When they were found, they were barely alive.
I painted them older and healthier to create what their vision might have been during the three-month survival. The baby girl has noticed the help approaching and is gently caressing her exhausted brother to lift his head up. After I invited the adoptive parents to look at the finished portrait, they cried. Although I had painted and gessoed over five different backgrounds for the painting, including deserts, animals, birds, and prairies, I finally decided to paint the waterfalls. Everybody -including me- was surprised at the painted waterfalls in the background, because I had not known that the orphans had been found in the only waterfall jungle in Madagascar.
The painting comes with a frame, the description above separately framed too, and a certificate testifying the real-ness of the painting. It's 24 x 30 in size!
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