PBIS Reflection Questions
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What does ACES stand for? *
Please identify the experiences that are categorized as ‘adverse’ for children. *
What is a symptom of toxic stress and trauma? *
How does PREDICTABILITY in school help a child who has experienced trauma? *
What goal do all team members need to share? *
Describe how relationships build resiliency. *
When a student is dysregulated, what may assist him/her in becoming engaged? *
What are 2 things students need from staff to be successful? *
What are SUPPORTIVE interventions that are used to correct behavior? *
What are some CORRECTIVE interventions that are used to correct behavior? *
What is SEL? *
Why is Self Care important? *
What are 2 de-escalation strategies that you can use? *
How does having a Growth Mindset as an employee benefit students? *
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