Designing YOUR Downtown
The City of Buda's Main Street Advisory Board is working on implementing Buda's Main Street Program strategy to revitalize downtown in the areas of design, promotion, events, organization and economic vitality. In an effort to lay the foundation for a vibrant downtown, we ask you to fill out this short survey and tell us how you would design YOUR downtown!
Please use the downtown area outlined in RED as reference when filling out this survey.
How often do you visit Downtown Buda?
What time of day do you most often visit Downtown Buda? (Check all that apply)
Why do you visit Downtown Buda? (Check all that apply)
What do you think would make Downtown Buda a more desirable place to live, work or visit? (Check all that apply)
If other, please describe.
Your answer
What types of events would you like to see in Downtown Buda? (Check top 3)
Do you have any event suggestions or ideas other than the ones listed above?
Your answer
What are Downtown Buda's greatest assets? (Check all that apply)
What three words would you use to describe Downtown Buda?
Your answer
How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
I try to buy products and services locally.
I like the look and feel of Downtown Buda.
I feel safe in Downtown Buda.
There is something to do or see in Downtown Buda.
There is plenty of convenient parking in Downtown Buda.
Downtown merchants are open when I want to shop.
I can find the services and products I am looking for in Downtown Buda.
I bring out of town guests to Downtown Buda.
I recommend shopping in Downtown Buda.
I recommend dining in Downtown Buda.
I recommend the night life in Downtown Buda.
When I attend events at the park, I also visit the Downtown area.
What level of value, importance, or priority would you place on downtown revitalization efforts to:
Enhance pedestrian access by improving sidewalks and crosswalks.
Restore and preserve the Downtown's historic landmarks and buildings.
Stage additional community events in the downtown area.
Highlight the heritage trees located in the Downtown District.
Implement downtown signage and business directory.
Installation of public art works throughout downtown.
Create a downtown brand.
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