4 Office Network Site Survey
To better streamline our installation efforts, this survey needs to be completed before on-site network setup. Please do NOT include any password information.
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Equipment Model *
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Network Administrator Contact Information
Additional comment or instruction
Network Clients *
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Network Print Server Hostname or IP Address
MFP IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway
Can be DHCP or Auto IP
Scan to Network UNC folder path and Username and password must be provided on arrival
Scan to Network / File - # of Computers setup
Clear selection
Fax Forwarding (To Email) - email address
Desktop Faxing - # of Computers setup
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Scan to Email Setup
Only required when setting up Scan to Email feature. If authentication required, credentials must be supplied at time machine is delivered
Email Server IP or Hostname
Additional Email information
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1. 4 Office will assist with Printer Driver software installation on up to 5 workstations.
2. 4 Office will provide training for the Network Administrator or Key Operator (if present) on the installation of driver and scan options.
3. 4 Office will NOT install software or make modifications on a customer's server without the Network Administrator or a representative of the customer's IT Department present.
4. When configuring Scan to Email the preferred method is scanning to a Internal Email Server. When using an outside ISP for Scan to Email 4 Office will configure on a "best efforts" basis and can only guarantee the functionality of the MFP and not the outside ISP.
5. Scanning to network folder will always be your BEST way of scanning large amounts of Data and/or Files.
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