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Shuttle Time Teacher Assessment
Register on to download the resources (Teacher's Manual, Lesson Plans, Video Clips) required to complete this assessment form. A BWF SHUTTLE TIME app is also available to download onto Android or iOS mobile devices. To book a practical workshop and/or assessment, please contact for more information.
1. Full Name
2. Gender
3. Email Address
4. Describe Shuttle Time in your own words
5. Name the two basic grips introduced within the Shuttle Time programme
6. Name the 'clock' terminology used in Lesson 2 to introduce grip change.
7. The purpose of Lesson 3 is to introduce net play and lunge; lunging stability and balance.
8. Provide three teaching points when introducing a backhand short serve.
9. Describe the purpose of Lesson 9.
10. How many Lesson Plans are contained within the Shuttle Time resources?
11. Name the three overhead strokes that are introduced in the Shuttle Time Lesson Plans.
12. When playing overhead strokes, pupils should be encouraged to focus on which of the following.
13. The Shuttle Time programme introduces a number of badminton skills to pupils. These skills are introduced in an order which allows pupils to experience maximum success. Place the following skills into the order in which they are introduced in the Shuttle Time programme: SERVE / LIFT / GRIP / OVERHEAD STROKE / NET SHOT / DRIVE
14. Place the following four headings into the order in which they occur when a stroke is being performed: BACKSWING / PREPARE / FOLLOW THROUGH / FORWARD SWING
15. In order to simplify an activity for pupils a teacher may encourage the use of which type of objects.
16. Describe three ways in which a point can be won in badminton.
17. Men’s Singles is an example of a discipline in badminton. Name the other four badminton disciplines.
18. Using the Shuttle Time resources, outline a plan for a 30 minute session - this should include the Activity Name, Activity Time, Main Teaching Points in your own words.
19. For an Activity above, how would you include a Harder and Easier variation?
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