Bag It Bag Feedback Form 2024
Your responses to this survey will be used to help us make the Bag It bag as useful as possible. In addition, our funders require us to provide them with data about who we serve and measure how effective the bag is.

We'd love feedback from both survivors and caregivers. If there is someone else in your circle who used the Bag It bag, please share this link with them.

Providing your name and email will allow us to enter you into our quarterly drawing for a gift card.* You will be entered 1 time in the quarter your feedback was received.

*Please note Bag It will not share your feedback contact information with other organizations.
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The contents of the Bag It bag helped me feel more confident and comfortable speaking up for myself and asking questions of my healthcare team. *
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Caring for the Caregiver
Paths to Survivorship
Taking Time
Which specific parts of the Bag were most helpful? 
If you could add/change one thing in the bag what would it be?
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