Pier & Beam committees

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    Events & Social Activities Committee

    Members will help plan Pier & Beam events, including happy hours and dinners in heritage locations; special tours/site visits for P&B members; talks and lectures; professional development sessions; and any other events that tie back to preservation, architecture, art, urban planning, landscapes and sustainability.

    Future Landmarks Committee

    Members will identify Houston buildings 15 years old or less that qualify as future landmarks — structures that will be worth preserving in the coming decades. Future landmarks must be architecturally significant and must also contribute in meaningful ways to their neighborhoods and the cityscape in general. One future landmark will be chosen to receive an award at Preservation Houston's Cornerstone Dinner each year.

    Heritage Restaurants & Bars Committee

    Members will help identify and make contact with restaurants and bars that are historic themselves or are located in restored or re-purposed historic buildings. Participating restaurants and bars will be added to a heritage business list; they could be ideal venues for future Pier & Beam events, and anyone who visits all of them might complete a passport/stamp card to receive a T-shirt or other giveaway from P&B.

    Projects & Volunteering Committee

    Members will help develop future Pier & Beam projects and may also assist Preservation Houston with its upcoming projects, including a self-guided tour of Good Brick Award-winning projects; surveys of historic neighborhoods and potential City of Houston landmarks; and preservation education projects.
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