Chamber Singer Audition Sign-Up
These are the audition requirements:
A) Singers must sight-sing a Level 6 NYSSMA example with 3 or fewer pitch or rhythmic errors
B) Singers must hear a melody on the piano and sing it back with 3 or fewer pitch or rhythmic errors
C) Singers must learn an entire Level 6 NYSSMA choral piece in advance and singer must hold their part against the accompaniment
D) Singers must be able to identify dynamic markings and tempo markings in an unknown song

**Students have the option to re-audition as many times as they would like within one month of a concert series (September and January) to place into Chamber Singers.

Chamber and Mixed Chorus must be the SOLE priority on Tuesdays and/or Fridays. That means students must stay for the entirety of the class.

The NYSSMA level 6 song will be "Let My Love Be Heard". There are practice tracks here:

AND here: (Scroll down to "Let My Love Be Heard")

To practice NYSSMA Level 6 you can visit and practice NYSSMA Level 6 sight-reading all summer!

I will also have practice sessions the first week of school to learn the parts and practice sight-singing DURING EXTRA-HELP

I emailed a PDF of music, but if you need music, please email me:
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