AMV Hell 8 Submissions
Videos submitted for AMV Hell 8 should aim to meet the following guidelines:
  • Try to be under 30 seconds in length
  • Content should be PG-13 (no nudity, vulgarity, extreme violence)
  • Feature animation or video game content
  • Clips using songs will be prioritized over spoken dialogue.
  • Clips should not have appeared in other similar projects (it's ok if they are on your Youtube or socials, but we prefer for clips to premiere in AMV Hell 8)
  • Video quality should meet basic minimum standards (no network logos or subtitles, export HIGH quality MP4) and the project will target 1080p 23.976fps
  • Remember that your clip will be part of a compilation with a transition immediately before and after it. Make sure viewers have a moment to actually register what is happening in your clip, and that they have time to laugh after the punchline.
  • Submit ONE video per form
  • Only submit the FINAL version of your video
A valid email address is required in case we need to contact you about your video.
Your video(s) should be uploaded to a file storage site such as Google Drive or One Drive, where they can remain until AMV Hell 8 is completed. (Google drive does not give us access by default! Make sure to give access to anyone with the link!)
Not every video that is submitted can be included in the final product. In some past AMV Hells, less than one quarter of submissions were used. 
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Please provide a link to download your video. (sites such as Google Drive or One Drive are recommended) *
Please briefly describe your clip and explain any jokes or references (we are old and out of touch, so we might not get it unless you spell it out for us)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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