EESP Strategic Planning Schedule
As a member of EESP you are being invited to join us in crafting the Strategic Plan to move forward the organization into the future. This method is very participatory and while every effort will be made to provide engagement opportunities outside of the sessions, the bulk of the planning will happen in-person.

While this plan can be crafted in two days, at the January EESP meeting it was determined that we should split the process into 4 sessions held most likely every other week starting around February 1st. Each session will build upon the previous one. These meetings will be held separately from regular EESP meetings.

Focus areas for the sessions are:
• (1) Practical Vision – what the group would like to see in place in 3-5 years’ time, often preceded by a visualization exercise.
• (2) Underlying Contradictions – the obstacles or issues that are preventing that vision from happening, and which must be dealt with in order to move forward
• (3) Strategic Directions – innovative courses of action that the group can take to deal with the underlying contradictions and move it toward realizing its vision.
• (4) Implementation Plan – a set of practical actions that will start the group’s journey from where it is to where it wants to be. A clear outline of what is to be done, why, how, when and by whom.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to Caitlin at or Samantha at
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