2019 Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) Annual Convention Registration
The Technical Research Exhibition (TRE) is a competition designed to showcase NSBE members’ skills in technical writing, theoretical research and poster presentation. TRE includes two tracks, Preliminary and Showcase. The date and times are TBD. The deadline for abstract submissions is Sunday, March 10 at 11:59 p.m. EST. First, second and third place winners in both tracks will receive monetary awards of $1,000, $500 and $250, respectively.

Clarifications on Tracks:
TRE Preliminary Poster (Competition)
TRE Showcase Poster (Competition)

More Presentation opportunities:
TRE Oral Presentation (NOT a competition)

Poster size: 3x4 ft
You can only submit ONE application.

Here is a link to the online toolkit for more information: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r9rjMLHHXRBCwPDzBpffMzu-KY7K2ku7ff-3-0x9TGg

If you have any general questions, or questions geared toward the national competition, please direct them towards the National Academic Excellence Chair, Malik Majette, nebaex@nsbe.org.

If your questions are region specific below is a list of regional contacts:
Nicole Deterville, Region 1 Academic Excellence Chair, r1aex@nsbe.org
Bilen Tirfe, Region 2 Academic Excellence Chair, r2aex@nsbe.org
Elliott Gray, Region 3 Academic Excellence Chair, r3aex@nsbe.org
Adrien McDaniel, Region 4 Academic Excellence Chair, r4aex@nbse.org
Ashley Medice, Region 5 Academic Excellence Chair, r5aex@nsbe.org
Feven Debela, Region 6 Academic Excellence Chair, r6aex@nbse.org
Malik Majette, National Academic Excellence Chair, nebaex@nsbe.org

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Please pull from NSBE connect on NSBE.org after you log in. If you have any questions about how to obtain it send an email to nebaex@nsbe.org
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The competition prizes are open to undergraduate and graduate students only. Postdocs and Technical Professionals are encouraged to share their research and obtain feedback as well.
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Track Descriptions
Preliminary: This track provides an opportunity for participants to interact with a technical audience to present, discuss, and obtain feedback regarding preliminary findings. Preliminary findings are defined as findings that have not yet been polished and featured in papers, journals..etc. In addition, if you are fairly new to poster presentations or oral presentations, this is the recommended track for you. The judging and the feedback will be more geared towards how you can adjust or add to your research in the process to get to where you want when finalizing/publishing.

Showcase: This track is for undergraduate students, graduate students, and technical professionals to present polished work to a broader technical audience. Such work may be ready for, in the process of, or already has been published in some format. If you have had numerous experiences presenting your research poster, this is the recommended track for you. It is to our understanding that your research is either complete or near complete, so the feedback will be more about how you present the research and judging the overall technical content for completeness.

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This is a poster presentation competition. You are expected to have your posted printed and ready to be showcased when you arrive at the Convention Center. We DO NOT PRINT your poster for you.
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I am interested in giving an oral talk on my research if selected. (NOTE: This is NOT a competition) *
The oral talks will be 20 minutes per participant. If you already have or will have a presentation in powerpoint format ready before convention and would like to present your work to judges, select yes. Else, select no. Only a small number of OUTSTANDING ABSTRACTS WILL BE SELECTED for oral talks. You will be notified if you are selected through email and phone.
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