Cat Adoption Application - Redemption Rescue
Note: All information provided below should be filled out completely and accurately.  If any information is falsified application will be terminated immediately.  In order to properly process this application you must:

1. You must be 18 years or older.
2. Have a valid license, state ID, or passport showing your current address.  
3. Have your landlord’s and/or parent(s) contact information/consent if you rent or live at home.

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General Information
Name of cat you are applying for *
Why are you adopting this cat? (check all that apply) *
Who are you adopting for *
Primary Adopter's Information
First Name *
Last Name *
Street Address *
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number *
Email Address *
Are you employed, retired, student, or other? Please Explain. *
If employed, please provide us with the name and number of your employer. *
Write "N/A" if this does not apply to you.
Secondary Adopter's Information
If there is no secondary adopter for this application, please fill N/A for the required fields.
Secondary Adopter's First Name *
Secondary Adopter's Last Name *
Are you over the age of 18? *
Relationship to Primary Adopter. *
Secondary Adopter's Cell Phone Number *
Secondary Adopter's Email Address *
Household Information
What do you currently live in *
How long have you lived at your current address? *
Do you have any pet restrictions? *
Do you... *
If renting, please provide your landlord’s name and number. *
If you do not have a landlord, please type N/A.
How many adults are living in the household? *
How many children are living in the household? *
Please list the ages of any children living in the household *
If you do not have any children living in your household, please type N/A.
Does anyone in the household have allergies? *
If you answered yes to the allergies question, please explain. *
If you answered no and this does not apply to you, please type N/A.
Do all the members in the household know you plan on adopting a pet? *
What is the longest period of time the cat would be left home alone on an average day? *
Where will the cat stay when you are not home? *
Check all the apply.
Cat Adoption Questions
Do you allow your cats (past and/or present) to go outside? *
Please select N/A if you have not owned a cat in the past or presently.
If you answered yes to allowing your cats to go outside, how often? *
Where will you let the adopted cat stay?
Clear selection
Do you plan to declaw the cat? *
Are you aware that the average life-span of a cat can be 15 years? Are you prepared to give this cat a home for the rest of their life? *
What would you do if your cat stopped using the litter pan? *
Have all the cats in your care been tested for FeLV/FIV? *
If you answered yes to testing the cats in your care for FeLV/FIV, what were the results of the test(s)? *
If you answered no or N/A, please type N/A for this question.
Pet History
If you have not had a pet previously then you will need to answer each required question with N/A.
Have you filled out an application with another rescue? *
If you answered yes above, were you denied? *
If you answered yes to filling out an application with another rescue, can you explain the details. *
Type N/A if you have not filled out an application for another rescue.
As an adult have you ever owned a pet?  (past and/or present) *
If you answer no to this question, make sure that you answer N/A for all the rest of the questions under Pet History.
Have you ever given your pet away to someone else or a shelter? *
If you answered yes to giving away a previous pet, please explain. *
If you answered no, please type N/A.
Were all your pets both past and present up to date on shots? *
Name and Phone Number of veterinarian.
If your animals are no longer with you, list the one used last. Type N/A if you have never had a pet.
Current and Past Animals
Please list any animals you have owned in the past 5 years. All information will be verified. If you do not have any animals, please type N/A in the required fields below.
Please list the animals name, age, species, spayed/neutered, and whether that animal is still living with you or not. *
Type N/A if you have not had any animals in your care in the last 5 years.
Adopted Pet Questions
What amount of time do you think is reasonable for your cat to adjust to you and your new home? *
Under what circumstances would you not be able to keep this cat? *
Please check all that apply.
What will you do with this pet when you go on vacation? *
The minimum cost of owning a pet can be over $500 per year.  Are you able to assume the financial responsibility of veterinary care and basic needs for this animal? *
Name of first reference *
Phone number or email of first reference *
Name of second reference *
Phone number or email of second reference *
Acknowledgement Statement
I/we do hereby acknowledge that any false or knowingly omitted statements on this application may constitute a rejection. I also give Redemption Road Rescue of Michigan permission to maintain contact with me by a home visit, emails, and/or telephone calls. I understand that this application is the property of Redemption Road Rescue of Michigan and has the right to deny my request to adopt. This application can be reviewed at any time for follow up procedures and in the event information provided above is false then Redemption Road Rescue of Michigan reserves the right to seize the animal and the adopter forfeits all fees acquired at the time of adoption (total adoption fee varies for different animals). *
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