JCPA Other Areas of Learning 2019
Dear Parents/Guardians,

As part of the revised Junior Cycle, students now get an opportunity to record "Other Areas of Learning" that they have engaged with in a meaningful way at some stage during first, second and/or third year. "Other Areas of Learning " will be recorded on the official results certificate that students will receive from the school. This also records subject results and results from classroom based assessments.

There is a space on the formal Junior Cycle Certificate/Profile for students to record the skills they have developed through their participation in extra curricular activities or learning outside of their timetabled subjects. This could include activities such as volunteering at Open Day, fundraising, Student Council, Green School Committee, entering competitions, sports etc. The learning must be connected to the school e.g. a student can record their learning from competing in a particular sport BUT only if they participated with the school team.

We are asking you to take the time with your son/daughter to complete this section of the certificate by completing the form below. Please note word count is limited to 150 words (we suggest focusing on between 3 and 5 areas).

You may select a maximum of 4 of the options given below. Alternatively, you may use these examples as a guide and you can type your own response for Other Areas of Learning in the box at the end of the form.

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You can select a maximum of 4 options here, or you can use these as a guide and complete your own Other Areas of Learning in the box below these options.
Select a maximum of 4 areas.
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Record other areas of learning here. Use a maximum of 150 words and focus on 3-4 areas. The activities must have taken place in school or while representing the school.
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