Connections 2020 Call for Presentations
In order to provide the widest possible range of panelists and topics to Connections 2020 attendees, the Connections interdisciplinary wargaming conference is seeking proposals for presentations from all interested parties.

Connections 2020 will be conducted entirely online, August 10-14.

There are several potential formats for presentations:

- Panels are a series (usually 3) of presentations followed by a single audience Q&A session for all presenters. Presentation topics within a given panel do not need to be closely related, though they will be grouped by the conference organizers thematically to the greatest degree possible. An individual panel presentation is typically about 20 minutes of speaking time, plus time at the end of each panel for Q&A. Panel presentations make up the large majority of the presentations at Connections. We will group selected presentations into panels, but if you have a concept for a panel you would like to propose, complete with potential speakers, please submit your ideas below as well.

- Seminars are presentations, often combined with hands-on application opportunities, that provide instruction on tools, techniques, and methodology of wargaming. Seminar or tutorial blocks are typically one hour long.

- Special Presentations are stand-alone presentations potentially given during lunch or a time block focused on a specific topic and include a limited Q&A period. The number of Special Presentations is very limited.

For each presentation you would like to propose, please submit a separate form. The deadline for submissions is June 26, 2020. After that date, feel free to suggest a late-emerging idea, but we will only be able to accommodate you if there is space on the agenda.

NOTE: Connections does not require that a conference paper accompany each presentation, but in the interest of creating a lasting record of the presentations delivered at Connections, we do ask that speakers provide a summary of their talk, either in a separate prose document or in the form of speaker's notes accompanying their slide deck (if any). It is NOT necessary to have your presentation ready in that level of detail to submit this form.

Please contact Scott Chambers at with any questions or concerns.
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What topic or subject do you propose to present on? Please include a short description of your presentation. A full conference abstract is not required, but please include enough detail to explain the talk you would like to deliver.
Suggested Panel Topics
If you would like to propose a panel topic/theme, please suggest it here. Please include with your suggested topic: the relevance of the panel topic to the conference and the wargaming field as well 2-3 suggested panelists/presentations for the concept. Please also indicate if you are interested in serving as a moderator for this panel.
Potential Seminars *
Tutorials are presentations, often combined with hands on application opportunities, that provide instruction on tools, techniques, and methodology of wargaming. Would your presentation be appropriate as a seminar?
Will the timeliness of the response to your proposal impact your ability to attend Connections or secure approval to attend? *
While we are not making any guarantees, we will attempt to prioritize assessing presentations that may need institutional authorization or may impact travel planning.
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