Gerrymandering Complexities
Answer the series of questions relating to the process of gerrymandering and connect in the uses of geographers in drawing congressional boundaries.
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1. Use the textbook or other available classroom resources to come up with a textbook definition of gerrymandering, and then a definition of your own.
a. Textbook Definition: *
b. Your Definition: *
2. How is the number of congressional districts per state determined? *
3. Explain the process states use to actually form congressional districts? *
Examine the two maps below of the voting districts in North Carolina. The map on the top is the current voting districts, the map on the bottom is a proposed redrawn distribution that would optimize compactness and maintain equal population of districts. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each map? *
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5. Explain the argument for doing away with gerrymandering, and why it might not be so easy to simply do away with the practice? *
6. On a laptop open up the Re-Districting game (linked on the course website) and watch the introduction video. After watching the video play Mission 1: Fundamentalist (Basic) and attempt to create 4 districts with fairly equal population that allows your party to stay in power.
Did your map pass the following checks?
a. State Legislature:
b. Governor:
c. Courts:
d. What will be the impact of your districts? *
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