Interest in Teaching Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Computer Science
To assist in addressing the shortage of STEM teachers in Idaho communities, faculty at Boise State University aim to identify and recruit individuals with STEM degrees to pursue STEM teaching certification. As part of that effort, we plan to develop and provide a teacher certification program in ways that allow these individuals to live and intern in their communities while pursuing certification.

This program (if funded) would provide money to complete a 14-month certification and master's program and additional money (at least $10,000/yr beyond the teaching salary) for the first four years of teaching. The availability of the program is contingent upon grant funding. The program is only available to individuals who do not currently hold an Idaho teaching certificate.

To determine interest and program needs, we have developed a survey to help us identify these individuals and their educational backgrounds, and necessary program structures. If you think you might be interested in such a program, please complete the survey below. We need to receive survey responses by May 1st, 2017.

Sara Hagenah,
Michele Carney,

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