TROUTFEST TX 2019 - Exhibitor, Donor & Sponsor Form (EXPO FEB 22-24, 2019)
This form will communicate your desire to participate in TROUTFEST TX 2019 on February 22nd, 23rd and 24th as an Exhibitor, Donor and/or Sponsor. This form will benefit YOU, and the TROUTFEST TX Committee by providing information first hand. The information you put here will transfer directly into the program, booth space signs, and donation descriptions during banquet auctions and raffles, etc... That being said, please take your time and provide us with all the information you can, and we promise we will use as much as possible! You may revise your responses at any time within 30 days of the event, should you need to come back to the form. Lastly, this form details out the rules as an Exhibitor, Donor and/or Sponsor and captures legal releases to GRTU and others.
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