2019 Golden Apple Nomination Form

Award: All nominees will receive recognition certificates and lapel pin. The Golden Apple Foundation Award of $1,000 will be presented in May at the Annual CGD Appreciation Reception. Golden Apple Committee will evaluate nominations based on criteria categories identified in the application form, and choose the winner.

Eligibility: Certified full-time teachers, who have completed one full year within the Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Community School District, from preschool to twelfth grade are eligible. This includes guidance counselors, media and technology specialists and all special area teachers. Prior recipients will be eligible again after 5 years.

Nomination Window: The website will be accepting nominations between February 1, 2019 through April 1, 2019.

Currently Eligible for Nomination:
David Ackerman, Jennifer Askelsen, Margaret Askelsen, Jason Berning, Carter Bridges, Brenda Carpenter, Mary Cero, Angie Charlson, Erin Cuellar, Kaira Downing, Robert EnTin, Tamara EnTin, Megan Fiscus, Peggy Fitzgerald, Denis Greenfield, Megan Hamilton, Paul Hansch, Monty Harker, Logan Holmes, Jay Jackson, Tanja Jensen, Sarah Kakacek, Mary Karbula, Joyce Keeling, Julie Klaver, Tom Klaver, Jay Klaver, Diana Kreitlow, Shannon Leist, Loren Lienemann, Ben Lindaman, Shanice Lloyd, Mary March, Amanda Middleton, Kristina Moore, Erin Morrical, Amy Nesbit, Patrick O'Brien, Cara Odland, Laura Odland, Kate Orness, Daphne Pogge, Anne Ries, Macoy Rohrer, Patrisha Rosauer-Hamski, Rachel Sido, Casey Simmons, Martha Slagle, Dan Smith, Jennifer Smith, Lynette Smith, Karen Staples, Katie Stundahl, Lori Swanson, Katrina TerHark, Celina Thompson, Joan Thurn, Denise Ulven, Deborah Vance, Kimberly Vierkant, Adam Vorrie, Heather Walker, Amanda Warner, Allison Warnke, Austin Warnke, Craig Warnke, Kent Wesselink, Leah Wiederin, Tessa Yackle.

Past Golden Apple Recipients: Linda Golbuff (2002), Brenda Carpenter (2003), Pat O’Brien (2004), Margaret Askelsen (2005), Cathy Cramer (2006), Michelle Haberman (2007), Lori Swanson (2008), Jack Britton & Chris Leichsenring (2009), Sylvia Funnell (2010), Mandi Middleton (2011), Mary March (2012), Jay Klaver (2014), Brandon Lantzky (2016), Missy Springsteen-Haupt (2017), Alicia Schaben (2018)


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