Please fill in this form with the appropriate information for each child. Upon completion, all that will be required is the parent/guardian's signature at Registration on day 1. Thank you for taking time to check out Art Camp 2019, and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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I give permission for my child to attend this event and understand that my child is responsible for knowing the rules and regulations made by the church and sponsors of this activity. It is expressly understood by the parents or guardian of the child for whom this registration is made that my child in a condition that warrants his or her participation in this event, and that the adult leaders of this activity are hereby granted permission to take the named youth to a medical doctor for examination and treat- ment of any accident or illness that may arise during the term of said activity. In consideration of their acceptance or said activity, said church, its agents and employees are hereby released and relieved from all liability of accident and injury to said youth arising from and all activities of this event.
The fee for Art Camp 2018 at Hope Baptist Church is €60 per child. This is due at registration, and can be given in cash, check, or bank draft. Receipts are available upon request.
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