Integrated Skills Program 2
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L2T2J - Learning about a hot topic
In this lesson, we're going to learn and talk about electric shocks.
Task One: Read the text about today's topic. Answer the questions.
We can get electic shocks from electrical equipment in our homes, but we can also get them from nature. Lightning - which is the elctricity that we can see in the sky when there is a storm - is a very strong form of natural electricity. When it hits a person, it can seriously injure or even kill them.
1. What do we call the electricity that comes from the sky during a storm?
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For this reason, you need to be careful if you are outside during a thunderstorm. The safest place to go is into a strong building. Don't go near trees or large metal objects because they can attract the lightning.
2. If you are outside in a thunderstorm, where should you go?
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Electric shocks can be very serious. In the USA, they are responsible for about a thousand deaths a year. They injure tens of thousand more people, with a range of injuries caused by the shocks.
3. How many people in the USA die from electric shocks every year?
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The most common injury that can be caused by an electric shock is burns. These can be quite mild or very serious depending on how much power was in the shock and how long the person was in contact with it for.
4. What is the most common injury from an electric shock?
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Electric shocks can happen anywhere. They are quite rare outside and the chances of being hit by lightning are very small. Some happen from electricity in the home, but the most common place is at work. Most workplaces use electrical equipment of one type or another, and poor safety protections put workers at risk of electric shocks.
5. Where do most injuries from electric shocks happen?
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Dan Logan has a weekly podcast called Hot Topic. In it, he talks about topics of interest.
Task Two: Listen to the introduction to Dan's podcast and complete the sentences below.
1. A major electrical danger is the home is _____ electrical sockets and extensions.
2. Putting too many plugs into electrical sockets and extensions can cause electrical _____ and shocks.
3. You should not pull a plug out _____ .
4. You should never put _____ on or near electrical equipment.
5. If you see someone who has had an electric shock, the first thing you should do is _____ .
6. People who have had a serious electric shock _____ .
Task Three: Sam is asking Jennifer about the topic. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
Sam: What electronic equipment do you use every day?
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Sam: Do you have a TV in your bedroom?
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Sam: Have you ever had an electric shock?
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Sam: How much did it hurt?
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Sam: What piece of electrical equipment would you most like to buy?
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Task Four: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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