North by North Shore  - Digital Media Success Stories
Got a great digital media success story to tell?  Have you leveraged a social or mobile channel (Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, mobile app/website, event, Pinterest, FourSquare, other)  to boost results for yourself or an organization?

If so, we'd love to give you a "cameo appearance" at North by North Shore.  Heck, maybe you'll even be chosen for a one-hour focus session, if you like!  Open to discussion on that.

Either way, you'll enjoy great publicity for your success in front of a live audience, and thousands more of our social media followers - maybe even more lift for your already stellar results!  

Just tell your story here (we'll tell you how to forward a Powerpoint or text file too) - and get your story the daylight it deserves.  

For best results (no obligation), attend the next North by North Shore event, and get the chance to swap learning with colleagues, get a live shout-out, do a little live Q&A, maybe a photo-op, and of course bask in the glow of your newfound fame.  

Here are some ideas on how to organize your success story:

A)  Before and after (what changed)
B)  Lessons Learned
C)  Increased business or improved results

Up to you.

A couple of Powerpoint slides would be great, because you can include images and business logo elements exactly as you'd like them to appear on the big screen at North by North Shore.  If you'd like to include photos or other elements, definitely collect them into a Powerpoint slide or other standard electronic document format (like MS Word) and send them to  using the same email address you've provided below.

Now, please let us know a little about you. We do not share your personal identity without your permission, so if you want any contact info shared, the only surefire way is to include it in your Powerpoint slides or text documents you email us.  
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