Consent to Participate
Investigator: Dustin Gavin M.A.

Study Title: Positive Goal Progression

I am a student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This study is being conducted as a part of my dissertation requirement for PhD in Business Psychology. I am asking you to participate in a research study. Please take your time to read the information below and feel free to ask any questions before signing this document.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to research the effects of multiple interventions in which participants will be assisted in creating and working towards goals using skills that they excel in.

Procedures: All participants will first be asked to complete a 15-minute survey. Participants will then be randomly assigned to one of three intervention groups or a waiting group. Those assigned to the waiting group will be assigned to one of three intervention groups after a 6-week waiting period.

Those assigned to intervention groups will be assigned to either a 2-week, 4-week, or 6-week training in which the participant will be emailed training modules on each Sunday of the training as well as emailed online discussion threads each Wednesday of the training. Each training module consists of up to 10 minutes of video content and up to 15 self-timed reflective questions. It is estimated that each module will take no more than 45 minutes to complete.

After the intervention is complete participants will be asked to complete another 15-minute survey immediately following training and another 15-minute survey 4 months following training.

Risks to Participation: Risks to participants are minimal. Data gathered are done so through a unique identifier, which will not be connected to participants’ email. The unique identifier is used in online discussions. The online discussion is not searchable through search engines and is only available through the specific ‘link’. Questions throughout training and in online discussion are open-ended meaning that participants may use their discretion in what they choose to divulge online. All surveys, trainings, and discussion forums require the final ‘submit’ button to be pressed in order to record any data. If a participant decides to withdraw from the study in the middle of a survey, training, or discussion, no data will be recorded if the ‘submit’ button is not clicked on.

Participants may have a risk to opportunity, if the training does not directly benefit the participant, the time taken to participate could have been used for other opportunities. If the training does not directly benefit the participant, it will however benefit the research and understanding in this area of knowledge for the community at large.

Benefits to Participants: Participants will directly benefit from the study by learning a new skill set in positive goal progression that will possibly make goal completion more successful. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about skills and talents they excel in that they may not have been aware of. The information learned from this study may also benefit society in our understanding of how positive goal progression skills affect an individual’s attitude towards their work and subjective well-being.

Participation in this study is voluntary. You may withdraw from study participation at any time without any penalty.

Confidentiality: During this study, information will be collected about you for the purpose of this research. This includes an email address.

To maintain anonymity of participants, email addresses are used only as a mechanism in which to assign intervention group and send training module and online discussion links. All surveys and training will ask for an arbitrary unique identifier that will not be connected to personal information in anyway. The arbitrary unique identifier is suggested as the combination of one’s pet + the street one grew up on + a 4 digit birthday, but this is only a suggestion to help the participant remember. Other, more obscure identifiers may be used at participants’ discretion.

The researcher will not know which email address is connected to which unique identifier, and no attempts at re-identification will be made on the part of the researcher. All research materials will be kept for a minimum of five years after publication per APA guidelines.

Your research records may be reviewed by federal agencies whose responsibility is to protect human subjects participating in research, including the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP) and by representatives from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Institutional Review Board, a committee that oversees research.

Questions/Concerns: If you have questions related to the procedures described in this document please contact Dustin Gavin (researcher) at or Jennifer Thompson (chair) at

If you have questions concerning your rights in this research study you may contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is concerned with the protection of subjects in research project. You may reach the IRB office Monday-Friday by calling 312.467.2343 or writing:

Institutional Review Board,
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology,
325 N. Wells, Chicago, Illinois, 60654.

Your answer
I have read the above information and have received satisfactory answers to my questions. I understand the research project and the procedures involved have been explained to me. I agree to participate in this study. My participation is voluntary and I do not have click accept if I do not want to be part of this research project. I have been emailed a copy of this file for my records. *
The criteria for this research study includes:
-Participants must be at least 18 years old
-Participants must be employed full time or a full time student
Please verify that each of the below statements are true. *
If one or more of the statements below are not true, you do not qualify to continue in this study, but thank you for your time.
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