Five-Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp Lunch
RSVP to learn more about the Five-Day NFIP Flood Boot Camp training; ONLINE or IN-Person. This will take place at the hotel and will last 30 minutes allowing time for questions and answers time.
1. Non-Special Flood Hazard Areas; Low to Moderate Risk Zones are what zones? *
2. Based upon the NFIP Claims Manual June 2019; Basement Interior waterline on the Preliminary Report is shown as a *
3. Controlled Substances: Does the SFIP provide coverage to the content (personal property) within a building (two wall and roof) that is used to grow or sale marijuana? *
4. Adjuster Preliminary Damage Assessment (ADPA) is an required at what percentage of value at time of flood? *
5. How many different building types does FEMA use in the Flood Insurance Manual? *
6. There is a china hutch against the wall with expensive dishes and must be moved to make repairs to the drywall and builders board. Does the adjuster allow for content manipulation? *
7. FEMA makes the R & R of various types of countertop as a major issue. In the Claims Manual there is extensive language relate to the handling of countertop. As a flood adjuster,what is the “best practice”for solid slab natural stone countertops? *
8. Prior Superstorm Sandy, the PH had just completed finishing their basement that included exotic wood bar and a walk-in wine cellar. The wine included a collection from France. The total cost exceed $300,000. The PH had maximum coverage on everything. How many items are covered by the SFIP Dwelling Form? *
9. The PH had a 2016 Tax Day flood in Houston, TX and there was no damage because they purchased “Water-filled Bladder” that was paid to the limit allowed for LAM. In 2017 Hurricane Harvey, the Bladder was used again. What can be paid for and how much? *
10. Building Additions and Extensions: The PH has a main building with two qualified extensions ITV of $3.2M; two-story garage and a guest’s quarters.The policy states there can only be one dwelling at the described location one the application.Can the PH obtain coverage on the extensions? If so,what form? *
11. Post-FIRM Building: A building for which construction or Substantial improvement occurred before Dec. 31, 1974, or on or after the Effective date of an initial Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), whichever is later. *
12. If a PH have purchased an excess policy that provides Additional Living Expenses because the SFIP does not; which policy is primary? *
13. When is the deductible double in the Standard Flood Insurance Policy? *
14. A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more acres of normally dry land area or of two or more properties (one of which is your property) from: *
15. Once you receive your Flood Control Number (FCN) you are now a "certified" flood adjuster by FEMA/NFIP? *
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