Calendar: Ninja Green Belt Quiz
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To add a guest to a calendar event that has already been created you must click on the 'edit event details' for that event and add your guest there. *
When you invite a guest to a calendar event you can allow them to *
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From your calendar window, you can view a calendar of someone who also has a Google Apps account at your school alongside your own calendar by *
You can currently invite up to *
Anyone with an email address can receive invitations from Google Calendar, regardless of whether they use Google Calendar as a part of Google Apps for your school. *
When guests receive a Google Calendar invitation in their e-mail they can RSVP to that invitation right in the e-mail. *
To create a new calendar at the bottom of the 'My calendars' section on the left, click the Settings link. *
What are the 5 default calendar views? *
Google Calendar by default opens to the 'Week' view. If you would like to change this and have Google Calendar open to a different view, you can change the default view in your settings. *
To add a school calendar to your calendar list you can *
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