Moscow Schelkovo Schools Debate Academy Registration form (October 17-21 2018)
Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Moscow Schelkovo Schools Debate Academy

The registration is now open and will close on October 13 2018

Please follow the Academy updates at the FB page

Please join our mobile app Telegram channels to be notified of the latest updates: - english speaking - if you can read in Russian

The Academy venue will be at the Youth Recreation center
Address: Moscow Region, Schelkovski district, pos. Sverdlovsky - as soon as you choose the transportation to Moscow - plane, train or Ecolines/LuxExpress bus - we provide you with detailed guidelines how to get in and free transfer will be provided for all international teams from the local suburban train station to the venue

For Russian-speaking division, please fill out the different form to register:

Participants' status:
1. Debaters aged 14-19 with coaches/chaperons
2. Independent adjudicators
3. Observers and staff

Every team should have minimum three speakers. If the team is missing one speaker, that is acceptable. Please contact the Organizing staff ASAP in that situation

MIXED TEAMS CURRICULUM: The participants will not practice and debate in their national/regional teams. Every practice debate round they will have new teammates to promote cooperation and peer learning. For the tournament the participants will be mixed in the teams of three on the basis of their experience and performance.

There is no institution or country limit.

Team cap in English speaking division is 32. So please be in a hurry.

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