e-NABLE Badge Request Form
This form is used to request badges for participation in the e-NABLE volunteer community.

e-NABLE utilizes the Badgr.io platform for awarding badges. This form is used to request a badge and provide your evidence to show that you qualify for that badge.

After providing your email and name, you will select a badge category. You'll then be provided with a list of badges in that category and the required evidence for each one. After that, you'll be asked to select a specific badge and provide the appropriate evidence.

Your form responses will be saved in a spreadsheet, accessible only to the e-NABLE Badging Team. A member of the e-NABLE Badging Team may follow-up with you via the email address you provide below to provide feedback, request additional information, or request additional evidence before issuing your badge.

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Badge Types
There are five categories of badges currently being issued for e-NABLE volunteers.

>>> e-NABLE Community Role Badges: These badges indicate that you perform a specific role or function within the e-NABLE Community. Examples include e-NABLE Chapters, e-NABLE Device Designers, e-NABLE Speakers, and e-NABLE Event Organizers.

>>> e-NABLE Community Participation Badges: These badges indicate that you have completed certain activities within the e-NABLE volunteer community. Examples include introducing yourself in the e-NABLE Google+ community, participating in an e-NABLE event, or publishing a tutorial video to help other volunteers.

>>> e-NABLE Design Challenge Badges: These badges are for people who participated in (or won) one of the e-NABLE Design Challenge events.

>>> e-NABLE Explorers Game Badges: These badges are for people who have completed elements of the e-NABLE Explorers Game: https://enable-the-future.myshopify.com/products/e-nable-explorers-game

>>> e-NABLE Device Specific Badges: These badges indicate that you know how to make a particular type of e-NABLE device. For each type of device, there is a "fabrication" badge and an "assembly" badge. Fabrication badges mean that you know how to 3D print the parts for a particular design. Assembly badges mean that you know how to properly assemble a particular design.

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