Information for the Journey Participant
While entering the Nature Reserve site, one is obliged to follow the rules of the site
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1. Follow only the color indicated track

2. Avoid rolling stones or unfamiliar animals.

3. During hot summer months, small animals usually look for a shelter under the rocks, bushes or holes in the ground. Avoid from checking these places or touching with hands. Let the animals stay safe and they won't harm you.

4. Changing of any kind of track route can be caused due to unexpected reasons (erosion, army fire training, etc.)
Use only updated maps.

5. Don't collect the ammunition.

6. Don't enter the fire area.

7. Use closed and high boots.

8. Finish the daily route before the sunset.- Avoid from walking the Nature Reserve site at night

1. Always keep the First Aid Kit and signal tools (flashlight and matches).

2. While entering the caves, use a flashlight. Avoid from using candles.Candles left marks on the walls of the caves and destroy the oxygen balance within the cave.

3. While walking within the stream, use the shoes with water slippery protection.

Source of Water
1. Don't use a soap while entering natural water resource.

2. Don't jump or run around the water. There is a danger of slippery and injuries caused by water bottom stones.

3. Most of the water sources indicated on the map are temporary and can disappear during certain seasons of the year. Water in water sources is not drinkable.

4. Water using for agricultural purposes contains artificial fertilizers, not drinkable and even dangerous for humans.

5. Enter the water in the appropriate bathing suit.

6. Swimming is permitted in the places with lifeguard services.

In the parking spots:
1. Make fire only at the specially arranged spots.

2. Check that the fire is completely put out.

3. Spark or coal can cause the fire! Avoid of lighting the fire on the Nature Reserve site.

4. Collect the garbage and put it in the special garbage collection spot. Avoid of leaving the garbage on the Nature Reserve site, it can be dangerous for the wild animals and cause nature pollution.

5. Don't bury the garbage in the ground; wild animals can dig it out and spread on the site.

6. Keep on hand an empty garbage bag.Collect your garbage and put it within the special garbage collection spots, Keep the nature clean!

7. Keep the rules of the Nature Reserve sites; take care of their equipment and resources.

Agricultural sites:
1. Groves, orchards, fields or flower beds are the main source of income for their owners. Don't cross the cultivated area and don't pick up fruits and vegetables.

2. While walking on fenced off pastures, don't forget to close the gates of the pasture.

3. Remember! Indication of agricultural sites is mostly poor, take care

1. The land of Israel if full of antiquities, all of them are national resource! Don't dig or use any equipment for searching of antiquities!
The Nature Reserve sites:
1. Don't approach to the wild animals or bird's nest, especially during the nesting period.

2. Don't feed wild animals.

3. Hunting is permitted in the special places arranged by the Israel Nature and Park authority; valid hunting license is necessary.

4. Uprooting of trees to make a fire on the Nature Reserve site is strictly forbidden.

5. Strictly forbidden to leave signatures or engraving in wood or stone on the Nature Reserve site.

6. Don't put a fire in the dry grass or bushes on the Nature Reserve site-It can harm small animals which find a shelter there.

Local settlements:
Remember that the way of accepted behavior in agricultural, rural settlements is different from the urban area. Don't harm the local cemeteries, fields and households! Remember that any kind of equipment in the field, grove or garden has an owner and not abandoned
Every incident of damage in the territory of the Nature Reserve site should be reported or the nearest Field School or the Israel Nature and Park authority official
Snapling is permitted only in special cites defined by the Israel Nature and Park authority, in small trained groups accompanied by a qualified instructor
"Sun Smart":
1. Use a visor or wide-brim hat to protect your face, neck, ears and nose from the direct sun rays.

2. Use a sun-glasses to protect your eyes.

3. Despite the heat, protect your body from direct sun rays: Tshirt with elbow-long sleeve, knee-long pants made of natural materials (cotton), sun-protected bathing suit.

4. Before the start in the morning, always use the sunblock cream.

5. Drink a lot of water! We strongly recommend to every Journey participant to be equipped at least with 5-7 liters of water for daily route.

Every Journey participant should take care for his/her daily food supply (sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, etc.)
Drinking of alcohol is strictly forbidden during the entire Journey route!
Keep an eye to the group – don't stay behind alone. If you want to walk by yourself, first be sure that you can read and understand the map!
Always keep in touch
use your cellular phone for communication if needed. On the places with poor communication try to find the highest point, the communication from there is usually better!
Always take care of your personal equipment and belongings
Don't forget to load your cell phone before you start
Keep the hygiene: wash our hands before preparing the meal, after making your needs, wash your dishes after the meal
Don't use toilet paper while making your needs, use the water and cover by soil; you can use toilet paper only in specially arranged places
Wash your clothes at least once week
Using of drugs is strictly forbidden
If you don't feel well, inform immediately the Walk About Love staff
If you have an open wound, ask for medical assistant to bandage it immediately! You should be afraid of Phlebotomus (sand fly), which is responsible for transmission of parasitic disease. Phlebotomus is widely spread in Israel
Don't enter the not arranged caves and crypts! You can be bite by ticks and be infected by different viruses! Ticks usually hide themselves in the ground, in the cave wall cracks and wait for the victim which is usually an animal. The virus can be transmitted to man from an infected animal.
Can I take my dog to accompany me:
1. Use the strip while walking with dog on the Nature Reserve site.

2. While climbing the steps in the mountains use a special bag to carry the dog.

3. While walking, take a bowl and an additional portion of water for the dog.

4. Walking routes can be of different level of difficulty, demands walking on the wild ground under the sun. Appropriate permission from a veterinarian is necessary!

5. The rabies vaccine certificate is mandatory!

6. A certificate that the dog is not dangerous for people and other dogs is essential.

7. A vaccine against fleas and ticks are mandatory prior the Journe

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