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Paperity ( is the first multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals and papers, launched in 2014 and comprising 2,400 academic journals and 800,000 papers already. Our primary goal is to facilitate dissemination of discoveries and improve communication between academia and the general public. We recognize the central role played by science journalists in this process, that is why we ask you to fill out this survey - we would like to gain deeper understanding of your work, so that we can develop functionality of our website further, to better suit the needs of science journalists and to help you become more efficient and successful in your work.

All the questions below are optional. We encourage you to answer all of them, but you can choose to leave some of them unanswered if you wish. Individual responses from this survey will be kept secret and only aggregate results or personally non-identifiable fragments can be disclosed, possibly in a summary post on Paperity blog. The survey can be taken by anyone who works as a science reporter, professional or amateur, in any type of media.

Which of the following subject areas do you predominantly cover?
For which medium do you predominantly write?
What is an estimated circulation or monthly audience of the aforementioned medium?
Which sources do you use to find new stories?
Of the aforementioned sources, please explain which you consider the most useful to you as a journalist and why?
(please provide the exact name of the source if possible)
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What are the biggest problems you face when searching for stories?
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How do you verify importance, validity and authenticity of a given news?
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How often do you hit paywalls when looking for full text of research articles?
How do you get access to paywalled articles?
What new web service or software (online or mobile) you wish were developed to help you in your work?
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