Derpibooru Community Collab Flying Characters
Please read this before applying, it is important!
Apply here to have your OC be featured above the main group, which gives them high prominence in the image. To reiterate, your character needs to actually be able to fly (e.g. be a pegasus, griffon, or any other flying species), and do note that there is a certain degree of character design quality control involved (this means red/black 'universe destroyer' OCs will have very low chance of being accepted). It is okay if you're applying for a flying and a non-flying character at the same time, provided you mention in your idea that your flying character will carry your non-flying character. The non-flying character is subject to the same amount of quality control as the flying character.

Submissions with interesting ideas, as well as small-to-medium sized groups of flying characters get priority. Please keep your ideas tame and not too extravagant. Solos are very much welcome as well, as they will inevitably be an important part of the image.

You will probably not get a response to your application until a couple of weeks prior to the collab deadline, so please have a backup plan prepared if you don't hear from us 3 weeks prior to the event's end.
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