Solidarity Sprint tour stop planning
Help us plan the kind of gathering you want to attend! Check out the current Sprint Itinerary here:
What would you like to get out of a solidarity sprint gathering? *
Do you have expertise with a given system that you'd like to share, a particular project you'd like to do, or more general interest? Please share in your own words why you're motivated to participate.
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How would you like to spend your time with us?
To help us plan an event that works well for as many participants as possible please answer the questions below.
Would you want to attend a casual potluck and roundtable conversation?
Do you have projects you'd like hands-on help with?
We want to visit projects to learn, and we also want to offer help if you have something that could use many hands to make light work.
Please describe the project, the kind of help you seek, and the amount of time you'd need us
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Do you have projects you'd like us to learn from? What is the project and in what format would you offer learning?
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Basic project organizing workshops
Would you like help and support in organizing projects in your community? Please check the sessions of interest below, or add your own.
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I'm interested in these project focus areas:
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Tools of Mutual Aid
Join the conversation about how we pull together timebanking, other types of mutual credit, common funds, and other resource pooling and allocation tools to develop greater sustainability. Which topics would you like to spend more time on while we're together?
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Logistical Support
Are you offering or requesting any logistical support (housing or transportation)?
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