CouchPotato 2 Beta Test
CouchPotato is a remote control app on iOS for MediaPortal. By submitting your data here you apply for the CouchPotato 2.0 Beta. You agree that your data may be submitted to Apple's Testflight service to manage the Beta and send invite E-Mails.
CouchPotato 2.0
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Would you prefer smaller, more frequent updates that may not be that stable or fewer but more polished beta versions?
What Apple devices do you plan to use with CouchPotato?
What possible feature of CouchPotato is most important to you?
If the app would be free with a premium version (in app purchase), what feature would you be willing to pay for?
(All users who already bought the app would have the full premium version!)
Anything else, you want to let me know?
Please be kind :-)
Please note that the version you will be able to test is not finished and not all planned functions are in there. There will be bugs! Please use the feedback option inside the Beta to improve future versions. Submitting this form is no guarantee that you will get an invite for the beta! Your data will not be shared with anybody and it will be deleted once the invites are transferred to Testflight.

The Beta is planned to start in the next weeks. You will get an invite when the Beta is ready. There is still much to do until then, so your patience is appreciated. Thanks a lot for helping with this!
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