Jay-Cast Ban Appeal Form

If you were banned from our service/services in one of our communities, it may have been from one or more of the following reasons:
- Created Multiple Accounts to join Giveaways or Other Reasons
- Directly Attacked Staff Members
- Chargeback our PayPal Without a Good/Understandable Explanation
- Harassed/Bullied Someone in our Discord Server and/or Steam Group
- Attempt to Hack our Social Media / Communities (Permanent If Done for Bad Reasons)
- Raided our Discord Server and/or Steam Group with Bad Intentions
- Directly Lied to our Staff on Purpose

You must follow the form below if you want to be considered for a ban appeal for our Official Jay-Cast Services.

What service from us were you banned from? *
Input your Steam Profile URL, your Discord Username (With #), and/or your Website Username. *
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Why should you be unbanned? *
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