Drone Registration - Apogaea 2018
2018 Drone Policy:

Pre-registration required. Registration open until 10:00pm, June 7th.
All Remote Controlled Aircraft will be referred to as "drone(s)" for the purpose of this policy.
On-site briefing to obtain tags for operator, transmitter and drone.
Tags for Operators (wrist bands), and stickers for transmitters and drones.
You are financially liable for any harm or damage caused by the operation of a drone registered to you during the event. Only registered drone operators are authorized to operate registered drones at and during the event.
Liability insurance is strongly encouraged.
Apogaea video/photography consent policies apply.
No First Person View flying. Line of Sight must be maintained at all times.
Max Altitude is 400’, Min altitude is 25’.
Flying over crowds is prohibited and a minimum of 25’ horizontal from people not involved with the drone operation.
Flying near emergency, police and fire personnel is prohibited.
Flying is prohibited during any scheduled Temple Ceremonies.
Maintain a distance of 100’ from power lines, power poles, and wells.
Spotter to watch for onlookers, etc, required.
Only registered drones are permitted to fly.
Registration can be revoked for duration of the event for unsafe flying or violating Apogaea Drone Policy, AMA, or FAA rules.

Rules of Operation:

1. Maximum altitude allowed per FAA is 400 feet above ground.
2. Only visual line of sight flying per FAA, no long distance flying.
3. No First Person View flying (flying based upon video stream not direct sight).
4. Secure a safe place to take off, land, and emergency land.
5. Fly when possible with a spotter to help control on-­lookers, etc.
6. 100 feet horizontal separation away from all power lines, power poles, and wells.
7. 100 feet horizontal separation away from EMS, Police, Fire Department vehicles and their camp locations.
8. 100 feet horizontal separation away from all heavy equipment and work crews.
9. 100 feet horizontal separation away from all ground vehicles, artwork, sculptures, guide wires, kites, tethered aviation, etc.
10. Avoid flying over or close to people, AMA recommendations are horizontal separation of at least 25’.
11. No operating RC aircraft while intoxicated. If you are deemed intoxicated to the point that you are “illegal to drive” you may not fly.
13. No use of ham bands including 433, 600, 900 MHz and 1.3 GHz unless a current Technician, General, or Amateur Extra License is shown.
14. No amplified systems, for example: Dragonlink.
15. If a pilot is acting in an unsafe manner then Apogaea Rangers have the authority revoke drone registration by removing tags on transmitted, drone, and wristband.
16. If a crashed craft is found it will be transferred to Apogaea Rangers.

Flying Prohibited During The Following Conditions:
1. During strong winds
2. During dust storms
3. From a moving vehicle
4. Flights at night unless equipped with adequate navigation lights per AMA rules.

Questions? Please email mike@apogaea.com

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