The LEAP test
This 20 question assessment is designed to help you understand what your first step could be at the moment. Allow us 24 hours to get you your LEAP results.  

** Disclaimer: The assessment is only indicative in nature and is not meant to be interpreted for any medical condition or treatment.**
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I have no idea what I want to accomplish in the next 12 months *
I feel 24 hours in a day are enough *
I have a very specific goal that I want to accomplish *
I drink eight glasses of water everyday *
I feel status quo everyday and I don’t like it *
I am good at delegating *
I have tried everything in order to achieve that specific goal but have been unsuccessful *
I exercise at least four days a week *
I wish there was something more challenging for me to do *
I am always on time – be it meeting or movie *
I have a goal that is very important to me *
I make time for my hobbies *
I wish I had a specific goal to accomplish *
I feel in control of my day *
My happiness depends a lot on resolving a specific nagging issue that I face *
I am happy with my current weight and diet *
I wish to experience fulfillment *
I am confident about my time management abilities *
It may come across as small but I have a specific problem that I wish to end *
I feel fit, fresh and confident about myself *
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