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About CrowdDoing

CrowdDoing helps social enterprises address gaps in human capital and financial capital. It is designed to help social enterprises to scale and compete successfully alongside companies that have no or minimal social missions.

It helps early-stage social enterprises address gaps in human capital by giving them affordable access to highly-skilled volunteers. After these social enterprises have grown significantly, CrowdDoing allows them to realize tax benefits which help them compete more successfully in the marketplace and have greater impact, while making it possible for social enterprises and volunteers to learn from each other,

CrowdDoing also can help an institution (such as a college or university) leverage volunteers to build an endowment. You can learn more about CrowdDoing here: This link includes terms, conditions and expectations. While we are piloting our initiative, we are inviting and accepting interest from skilled volunteers who would like to participate. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being part of this initiative.
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