Shall Beginning Astrology Evolve?
As students in this course I hope you have benefitted and enjoyed. I did not give you a "standard-issue" course, choosing instead to institute the Traditional Astrology Model and emphasize the skill you will need for the rest of your life: A memorized zodiac. I also know you are studying other materials, and know so much about the subject of astrology, but for the missing bits that puts it all together, we all need more time for discussion. So that's what I have designed to do in the span of eight weeks.

What comes next is a repetition! As we integrate the material we also adjust the sight, from Symbol to Life. This is the mystery of astrology: how will the event be experienced?

In six weeks, we focus on discussion, and now review everything over and over, until "something clicks." The "aha moment" doesn't come from mere memorization or from anything rote. We get our realizations first from our own chart, and that of those who live with us, or our friends. Your job for the rest of your life is to collect these charts and compare, as an anthropologist would, the behavior in the situation. I will encourage you to share these charts on a Google Doc as we have done, putting your family into perspective, or tracing the dynamics of your love life, no matter how many partners whose charts you want to examine.

I propose this course follow-up in the spirit of Mercurial flow where all exchange take place. Mercury rules the "cash" of oxygen which supplies all with the living fluid of exchange. Which arrangement is best-suited to your needs?

My structure for the follow-up course:

Weekly Follow-up Discussion (as requested new feature; it's an additional hour added to the schedule)
Weekly Lecture (Wednesdays)

Instead of weekly (and because of holidays in the Nov-Dec period) I propose six total meetings per month. Through December 31. My schedule is flexible and we will be recording and proceeding as before.

THE HOUR can be adjusted. Your preference will help me to determine the schedule. Check the International Schedule, below. Choose an hour suited to your region. I will select the hour most in demand for the live lecture.

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