Application for the International Founders Award 2024

Entry Requirements for Participation in a Competition

To register and participate in the International Founders Award we require certain personal information from you. The data necessary for registration and participation is marked with an asterisk (*). Providing the remaining data is optional and not essential to achieving the purpose. The provision of this data is necessary for us to adequately evaluate your startup within the competition.

These data, along with submitted concept sketches and videos, will be made available exclusively to the designated jury.

Wide Thinker UG and the jurors commit to using the provided data of participants and their competition entries solely for their duties in conducting the competition and to treat them with confidentiality.

You hereby apply to participate if selected in the bootcamp of the International Founders Award.
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Please state the name of your startup project.
Tell us what your project is all about and what inspires you to persue it.
When was the project started? Please give an approximate date.
What is your (planned) business model?
How is your project innovative? What makes it stand out? What is the USP?
Who are your three biggest competitors?
Have you already started a business or have you had start-up experience? If so, please explain what it was about and what the current status of the project is.
What is your entrepreneurial story as immigrant in Germany?
Are you a Solopreneur or do you have a team? Please state your and your team members name and links to your LinkedIn profiles.
If the team (or parts of the team) have already collaborated, please briefly describe in what framework.
Please provide a contact address/email address.
If you already have a website for your start-up or project, please enter the URL.
What do you hope to achieve by participating in the International Founders Award program?
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