Good Food Zone Call In Campaign
Greetings and thank you for leaning into the work of getting the Good Food Zone Implemented.
The LAFPC's Good Food Economy Working Group is launching a campaign to create a sense of urgency for the elected officials in the City of Los Angeles to act on implementing the Good Food Zones Policy. More specifically we want them to:

1. Identify a timeline for the feasibility report and pilot implementation that reflects the urgency of the public health issue related to food insecurity.
2. Identify budget line items to fund the proposed $3.6 million 3-year pilot.
3. Prioritize the implementation of Good Food Zones as a tactic for community and business resiliency modeling during and post COVID- 19.
4. Expand the pilot to help more healthy food business during the pandemic.

In order to spread awareness and to ensure elected officials know the Good Food Zone implementation is urgent, we will make weekly phone calls.

Our goal is to contact each office weekly. Please sign up for the days you are available and make the calls related to the schedule that day.

Councilmember Name, Contact, and Weekly Call Schedule:

Mon: CD 1 Gilbert Cedillo- 213 473-7001
CD 2 Paul Krekorkian- 213 473-7002
CD 3 Bob Bloomfield- 213 473-7003
Mayor Eric Garcetti 213 978-0600

Tues: CD4 David Ryu ( Leaving)-213 473-7004
CD5 Paul Koretz-213 473-7005
CD6 Nury Martinez-213 473-7006
Mayor Eric Garcetti 213 978-0600

Wed: CD7 Monica Rodriguez213 473-7007
CD8 Marqueece arris-Dawson213 473-7008
CD9 Curren Price 213 473-7009
Mayor Eric Garcetti 213 978-0600

Thurs: CD10 Herb Wesson (Leaving) 213 473-7010
CD 11 Mike Bonnin 213 473-7011
CD 12 John Lee213 473-7012
Mayor Eric Garcetti 213 978-0600

Fri: CD13 Mitch O'Farrel 213 473-7013
CD14 Kevin De'leon 213 473-7014
CD 15 Joe Buscaino 213 473-7015
Mayor Eric Garcetti 213 978-0600

Call Script

You: Hello, I would like to make a comment to Council District Member Smith about the Good Food Zone Policy Implementation

Elected Official's (EO's) staff member: Certainly. Please go ahead.

You: Thank you. My name is _______________, and I live in the city of Los Angeles. I’m calling to urge (Council District Member you are calling) to support the Good Food Zone Policy implementation and work with EWDD and CD 9 in creating an appropriate, equitable plan to implement this innovative policy and program. I care about this because many members of my community have been impacted by historic food divestment which has resulted in health issues like heart disease, stroke, obesity, and death.

These issues have been compounded in the wake of COVID-19. Small businesses offering food options need support to offer a living wage and improve the healthy options they offer in their stores' inventory. When implemented, The Good Food Zone will provide economic opportunity for small good food businesses and ensure access to healthy food options in communities experiencing food apartheid.

Staff member: I will give your message to the CD Member. Would you like for her to send a response to you?

You: Yes. Thank you for your time, good-bye.

Staff Member: Thank you for your comments. Have a good day.

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