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If you're interested in using one of our free community garden beds this year, please fill out this form! Thanks!
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Our garden plots are 64 sq foot raised beds (16x4 ft). The boxes are full of new topsoil that will probably need to be amended with compost and organic fertilizers to produce optimally. The garden is not currently fenced, so you may need to come up with ways to deter moose.

Community Garden Usage Policies and Guidelines:

• The community garden is open from May 1st to September 30th from 7am-10pm.
• If you are selected for a garden plot, you will need to have a brief orientation by a garden volunteer.
• Any assigned plot that does not show active gardening by June 5th will be reassigned.
• Our garden is organic. No use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.
• All garden waste should be placed in the compost bins.
• No pets in the garden area.
• Garden plots must be cleaned of dead plants, weeds, and all other materials by September 30th
• ORLC will water the garden beds. If you require additional water, please contact one of the community garden volunteers.
• Tools and equipment will be limited. We suggest purchasing your own.
• You may use plastic, trellises, cages, and fences, but they must be removed by September 30th.
• Non-compostable trash from your garden may be placed in the dumpster. Please do not use the dumpster for your personal trash.
• Only park in the gravel lot. Please do not drive up into the garden space.
• Please do not leave equipment and tools in the garden area between visits.

Community Garden Contacts:

Erik Johnson (volunteer)
Home: 907-688-2050
Cell: 907-444-7513
Pastor James Baumgartner
Work: 907-688-2157

We will send you a user agreement after we have received your application.
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