ALEFE Leveled Reading Program - Fall 2020
ALEFE Leveled Reading Program (Fall 2020) will start on October 5th and will end on December 16th, 2020. The program is intended to help students improve their reading skills in Arabic based on their current level of proficiency as follows:
- Level 1: designed for students with little to no exposure to Arabic (Mon, Tue, Wed @ 4:30-5:00pm PT)
- Level 2: designed for students with some exposure to Arabic Alphabet (Mon, Tue, Wed @ 4:30-5:00pm PT)
- Level 3: designed for students exposed to the changing shapes of letters (Mon, Tue, Wed @ 5:00-5:30pm PT)
- Level 4: designed for students reading with basic Tash-keel (Mon, Tue, Wed @ 6:00-6:30pm PT)
- Level 5: designed for students reading with advanced Tash-keel (Mon, Tue, Wed @ 6:30-7:00pm PT)
- Level 6: This is ALEFE most recent addition. This level is designed for students with intermediate reading skills in Arabic and aims at promoting their advanced reading skills. A Zoom assessment is required prior to student's enrollment in this level.

Classes will be offered in secured zoom meeting rooms. A minimum of 6 students' sign-up is required before a level can be offered. The class is $85/month or $250/semester (29 sessions).

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