Road Trip App Research Survey
Hello! I am Jessica, and I'd like to thank you for your time and willingness to help out with this survey. Really appreciated!

This survey is to help me figure out what are some of the main pain points people have when they are doing a road trip. The finding will help me design a better road trip app to elevate the pressure on this otherwise very fun activity!

The survey consists of 15 main questions with a couple sub questions, and should take you about 5 - 10 minutes.

Thank you very much again! :)

1. When was the last time you had a road trip? *
2. How long did that trip last? *
3. Did you go by yourself or with family/friends? *
4. Why did you go on the road trip? *
5. What were the biggest challenges when you were having a road trip? *
6. How did you find destinations/attractions/places to stay? *
7. How long before the road trip did you start planning? *
8. Did you find the process of trip planning more enjoyable or stressful? *
Very enjoyable
Very stressful
8-1. If you felt more stressful than enjoyable, what made you feel stressful?
9. How often did you feel that you took detours to attractions which were not in the original plan during a trip? *
Not very often (less than three times throughout the entire trip)
Very often (almost everyday)
9-1. How did you find those attractions you took detours of? *
10. How did taking a detour during a road trip affect your schedule? *
10-1. To you, what is the appeal about taking detours, or what are the challenges that come with it?
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11. When you encountered a road situation which caused your road trip schedule having to be compromised, how did you try to solve the problem? *
12. Have you ever planned a road trip that had too much down time (such as driving time)? *
12-1. If yes, why did that happen?
13. Have you used tools to help you plan your trips (such as Google Map, Roadtrippers, etc)? *
13-1. What is it, and what did you like and didn’t like about the tool?
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14. Please select your gender: *
15. Please select your age: *
Would you be interested in talking more about your experience in road trip and some of the challenges? If so, enter your email address here. If not, please skip this question. :)
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