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For months, young people with Sunrise in Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania have been organizing to make climate change matter in the 2018 elections. So far, we've contacted over 80,000 potential voters who could swing key elections that could decide who controls Congress and State Governments across the country.

We're exactly where we want to be -- we've got hundreds of new volunteers involved in the movement and our most exciting candidates are within striking distance of winning, but it's going to be close, and will come down to how many voters we can talk to between now and November 6th.

That's why we're setting an ambitious goal for the final month -- doubling our past contacts and calling or knocking on the doors of 80,000 more voters to talk about our movement and get our endorsed candidates over the finish line.

💥 We can do this, but we'll need hundreds more volunteers across the country to step up. You can help us smash these goals by: 💥

- making calls using our dialer from wherever you are*
- hosting a calling party with your friends in your own community*
- coming to Michigan or Pennsylvania for a few days (or a few weeks) to help us knock doors and organize volunteers*

Every conversation counts! Fill out the form below to let us know how you'll be joining us 🙌

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Phonebanking for Jess King and Andrew Gillum
Sign up to make calls for two of our most exciting candidates at a critical moment in their campaigns. For both, we'll train you on our message, the script, and how to use the dialer before you start. The best part: we use an auto-dailer that connects you only to people who pick up, so you spend your time talking with voters, not waiting for people to pick up.


Here's a little more on Jess and Andrew:

Jess is a working mom, small business owner, and a leader in local economic development. She was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania where she’s spent the last decades fighting for affordable housing and community development and starting her own local business incubator. Jess has fought against dangerous pipelines, like the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline, that threaten her community and strongly advocates for investment in clean energy infrastructure. She faces incumbent Lloyd Smucker in the general election in November who’s pocketed thousands from the Koch Brothers, the NRA, and Williams, the company behind the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline.

Jess has run an unprecedented campaign grounded in talking to hundreds of thousands of voters Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike, about her values and message. And it's paid off -- Trump won this district by double digits, but polls show a single digit race and once voters hear her message it's a one-point race.


Andrew Gillum became the Democratic nominee for Florida Governor after an ultra-competitive primary on August 28th. He was outspent 30 to 1, had just one TV ad, and was the only non-millionaire in the race. His platform included Medicare-for-All, transitioning off fossil fuels, criminal justice reform, and abolishing ICE.

Born in Miami, Andrew became the Mayor of Tallahassee in 2014 and spent 15 years in public service before running for Governor. During that time, he reduced Tallahassee electricity users’ carbon footprint by 20%, tripled solar energy capacity, and invested in energy efficiency programs. As Governor, he’ll push for a transition towards a 100% renewable energy economy, continued support for climate refugees and impacted Floridians and Puerto Ricans, protecting water from toxic algal blooms, and creating thousands of good-paying green jobs in the state. He faces off against Republican nominee and Trump-backed Ron DeSantis in the General election this November.

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Travel to Pennsylvania or Michigan to talk to voters
If you live nearby, the most effective way for you to help is join us in person for a few days (or a few weeks) in the lead-up to the election. We can find you housing and get fed, and you can join our amazing community of fellows and volunteers as we knock doors and bring new people into the movement.

Possible Locations: Lancaster, PA; Downingtown, PA; Lansing, MI

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If you've got other skills you'd like to contribute, let us know here!
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