It's Debatable - B.H.A.V
Participants have to register themselves through the Google form given below for any of the given sub-themes i.e. Epics, Trivia and World Affairs.The detailed topics of discussion would be emailed to the participants 3 days prior to the event.The situation/question related to their chosen theme would be given to the participants on the day of the event.The participant would be given 2 minutes to justify their stand to the audience and the jury members.
The audience can interject the participant after they have spoken.Time limit for interjection: 5 minutes
Number of questions per interjector: 1
Time given to answer one interjection: 1 minute
Team size: Solo
Prizes: Worth 10k
* Do not propagate controversial views and be considerate of the emotional/religious beliefs of the audience.*
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Don't hesitate and get yourself registered.
**The details related to the chosen circle would be mailed to the participants 3 days before the event.
For more details contact:
Rushali: 9582676874
Mriga: 9599846905
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