3 Types of Participation Awards: Deadline: 1 February, 2021 for all parts (including advisor/mentor letter for students & postdocs)
Application for ICAR 2021 (June 21-25, 2021 Virtual/Online) 3 Award Categories: (1) Early Career Program (ECP): Students, Postdocs in postdoc title, Pre-tenure faculty, & Professionals beginning their careers in plant science. U.S. residency or citizenship NOT required; *Award full or partial registration waiver. (2) Inclusivity Scholars Program (ISP) for US members of under-represented groups i.e. American Indian/African American/Alaskan Native descent/Latinx American (of Central/South American descent only); AND/OR faculty that teach/train/mentor at accredited minority-serving institutions e.g. HBCU, TCU (these faculty applicants don't need to be under-represented themselves); & US citizenship or permanent resident IS required. ISP citizenship exception: NEW NAASC DACA Program (NDP) for DACA status folks in the US: US citizenship not required for DACA only. ISP Award: full registration waiver. (3) Financial Need Program (FNP) for those ineligible for ECP or ISP: i.e. not early career and not a member of under-represented groups in US STEM; U.S. residency or citizenship NOT required. *Award: full or partial registration waiver. Full information at http://icar2020.arabidopsisresearch.org/funding.html
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