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MyMedicalBank Ltd is a health technology company developing digital healthcare solutions and providing training in healthcare. The Company is registered in Nigeria (RC 1548912) and in the United Kingdom (8907996)

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#1. Home Care Attendant Training (HCAT; N50,000)
The 2-week intensive training composed of classroom-based lectures and work placement at care homes is designed for any individual with a minimum of SSCE to be trained to provide personal care to clients at home.

#2. Dialysis Technician Training (DTT; N160,000)
The 3-month certificate programme combined with a certificate in Basic Life Support is composed of 1-month of lectures and 2 months of clinical placements at various hospitals. Participants will be awarded a certificate and would be able to work in hospitals as Dialysis Technicians.

#3. Dialysis Machine Repair Training (DMRT; N160,000)
The programme runs for 4 weeks during which participants and given hands-on practical training in repairing and maintaining Dialysis machines. Successful participants will be awarded a certificate and would be able to work in hospitals as Dialysis Machine Maintenance Technicians.

The DTT and DMRT programmes are jointly organised with our partner Health Lens Enterprises.
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Home Care Attendant Training
Home Care Attendant Training
Dialysis Technician Training & Dialysis Machine Repair Training
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